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var gruntFontmin = require("grunt-fontmin")

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grunt-fontmin v0.1.2

grunt plugin to minimize Chinese font


grunt plugin to minimize Chinese fonts


  fontmin: {
    options: {
      dest:    'www-bin/fonts/',  // default './'
      basedir: 'fonts/'           // default './'
    '{Source-hans*.otf}': {
      /* getText: (html) => string_of_characters_to_include
       * if not specified, use html-to-text
      getText: getBody,
      src:  'www-bin/**/*.html'
    'cn-cursive.ttf': {
      getText: getHeadings,
      src:  'www-bin/**/*.html'


options (task-wide)

  • dest:
    • destination directory, include trailing slash
    • default: ./
  • basedir:
    • source font directory, include trailing slash
    • default: ./

target options

  • grunt's target name
    • relative to basedir, pattern of fonts to minimize
    • pass to grunt.file.expand()
  • src:
    • pattern of files, relative to Gruntfile
    • src's content is passed to getText, it returns characters to included in minimized font
  • getText:
    • filter function: (htmlContent) => string_of_chars_to_include
    • if not provided, use builtin html-to-text
    • you can write your own
  • woff:
    • output compressed woff, anything other than undefined
    • default if no other output option is provided (like css)
  • css:
    • this is planned for future, css with inlined base64 font


It's hard to include texts in css content:attr('')

Not formally tested, so it can be buggy

You can't change output filename

You are responsible to get proper license of fonts you minify!
or consider free fonts.


MIT (C) wacky6

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