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var gulpEolEnforce = require("gulp-eol-enforce")

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gulp-eol-enforce v1.0.0

Enforces proper line endings for files


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Checks line endings to ensure they're the proper type. This plugin will fail if undesired line endings are found. Particularly useful as a pre-commit hook.



desiredNewLine can be one of the following strings:

  • "\n"
  • "\r\n"
  • "\r"

This parameter defaults to your platform's default line ending (os.EOL).

Use this in your Gulpfile.js like so:

var eol = require('gulp-eol-enforce');

gulp.task('eol', function () {
  return gulp.src(['src/**/*.{css,js}'])

Example output:

Automatic Correction

This plugin does not automatically fix line endings - use gulp-eol or gulp-line-ending-corrector instead.


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