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var gulpModernizr = require("gulp-modernizr")

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gulp-modernizr v3.2.1

Gulp wrapper for custom Modernizr builds

gulp-modernizr Build Status


A Gulp wrapper for Modernizr.

Note: This plugin uses version 3 of Modernizr. Make sure to check the Github repo for the correct feature names (example: Modernizr.touch was renamed to Modernizr.touchevents).


First, install gulp-modernizr as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev gulp-modernizr

Then, add it to your gulpfile.js:

var modernizr = require('gulp-modernizr');

gulp.task('modernizr', function() {
  return gulp.src('./js/*.js')

Running the plugin will search for tests in your src files like this one for example:

if (!Modernizr.objectfit) { doSomethingLikeCallAPolyfill(); }

and in this case add the 'objectfit' test to the ouptut file.




Type: String

You can optionally pass a fileName to name the Modernizr file (defaults to 'modernizr.js')


modernizr(/*fileName, */ settings)


Type: Object

You can pass settings as an object. See the customizr repository for valid settings.

    excludeTests: ['csstransforms3d']

The 'settings' object can also be required from a JSON file:


        'options': ['setClasses'],
        'tests': ['webworkers']



Available Settings

See the customizr repository for valid settings.


Currently not passed on to customizr, see issue #36


Defaults to false, setting it to true suppresses any log output from customizr


Will never be passed to customizr, see the Gulp guidelines. The option to uglify the build goes against guidelines #1 and #3. Thus, this setting has been removed from this plugin. You may use gulp-uglify to achieve this functionality in Gulp:



Copyright (c) 2018 Rejas Licensed under the MIT license.

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