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var gulpProgressiveCss = require("gulp-progressive-css")

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gulp-progressive-css v2.1.0

Transfrom `<link>` in HTML to progressive CSS loading.


NPM version Node version Dependency status

Transfrom <link> in HTML to progressive CSS loading.


npm i -D gulp-progressive-css
# or
yarn add -D gulp-progressive-css


By using this plugin you can easily transform your simple HTML page to super fast HTML page with progressive CSS loading. You can do it by using custom priority attribute with <link> tag.

<link rel="stylesheet" priority="async"    href="font.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" priority="critical" href="critical.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" priority="queued"   href="content.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" priority="queued"   href="footer.css">

critical - means what this styles will be embedded into HTML file.

queued - means what this styles will be loaded asynchronously in specified order and without render blocking.

async - means what this styles will be loaded asynchronously outside of order and without render blocking.



String options.base

Base directory to find CSS files.

Default: ./

Boolean options.noscript

Adds <noscript> tag with all styles.

Default: true

Boolean options.preload

<link rel="preload"> will be added to <head> for each style.

Default: true

Object|Boolean http1

All non-critical internal styles will concatenate into one file.

Default: false

String http1.dirname

Path to save concatenated styles, relative to options.base

Default: ''

String http1.filename(Stirng htmlFilename)

Function to generate concatenated styles file name.

Default: [html filename]-styles.css



const gulp = require('gulp'),
    procss = require('gulp-progressive-css');

gulp.task('css', () =>

gulp.task('html', gulp.series('css', () =>
        .pipe(procss({ base: 'dist' }))



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