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gulp-sqippy v1.0.2

Gulp interface for SQIP


Gulpified sqip that allows full customization of sqip's existing options, and adds a few more. It creates a new SVG file in the stream, named the same as the source (with ".svg" extension, of course).

sqip seems to be a work in progress, but it's a cool package that creates SVG impressions of pixel images. Find the right balance between the mode, blur and primitives count, and you get a nice, small LQIP (low quality image placeholder). The default options below make a good placeholder image, but you could make it even smaller by reducing the primitives.

The (optional) options are:

  • primitives - number of primitives a.k.a. the shapes that make up the image (integer, default is 20)
  • blur - blur factor (numeric, default is 10)
  • mode - mode code (defined below, default is 5)
  • prependName - text to prepend to the front of the new SVG filename (string)
  • appendName - text to append to the end of the new SVG filename (string)
  • includeSource - also pass the source image file through in the stream (boolean, default is false)

Mode specifies the base shape for primitives. The mode codes are:

  • 0 - combo
  • 1 - triangle
  • 2 - rectangle
  • 3 - ellipse
  • 4 - circle
  • 5 - rotated rectangle
  • 6 - beziers
  • 7 - rotated ellipse
  • 8 - polygon


const sqippy = require("gulp-sqippy");

gulp.task("make-bg-placeholders", function() {
    return gulp
                primitives: 12,
                blur: 6,
                prependName: "placeholder-",
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