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var gulpWechatWeappSrcAlisa = require("gulp-wechat-weapp-src-alisa")

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gulp-wechat-weapp-src-alisa v1.0.4

Gulp plugin that lets you create custom aliases for wecaht weapp with an @alias rule.

Gulp Wechat Weapp Src Alisa

Gulp plugin that lets you create custom aliases for wecaht weapp with an @alias rule. Supports `.wxml`, `.wxss(less|scss)`, `.js` and `.wxs` file.


  npm i --save-dev gulp-wechat-weapp-src-alisa



const { src, dest } = require('gulp');
const aliases = require('gulp-wechat-weapp-src-alisa');

function aliasTask() {
    return src('src/*.{wxss|less|scss|wxml|js}')
            '@Aliases': "path/to/your/folder",

the file before compilation

// .js
import * as Utils from '@Aliases/utils/base';

// .(wxss|less|scss)
@import '@Aliases/style/reset.less';

.bg {
  background-image: url('@Aliases/images/32821027.jpg');

// .wxml
<import src="@Aliases/wxs/index.wxs" />

<image src="@Aliases/images/32821027.jpg" mode="cover"></image>

will become:

// .js
import * as Utils from 'path/to/your/folder/utils/base';

// .(wxss|less|scss)
@import 'path/to/your/folder/style/reset.less';

.bg {
  background-image: url('path/to/your/folder/images/32821027.jpg');

// .wxml
<import src="path/to/your/folder/wxs/index.wxs" />

<image src="path/to/your/folder/images/32821027.jpg" mode="cover"></image>

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