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h3-polyfill v1.2.0

Uber h3 polyfill CLI


Build Status

h3-polyfill is a library and a command line interface to Uber h3 polyfill.

It takes an input polygon as a GeoJSON file and outputs hex as a GeoJSON polygon feature collection.



npm i h3-polyfill


const h3Polyfill = require("h3-polyfill");

const polygon = {
  type: "Feature",
  properties: {},
  geometry: {
    type: "Polygon",
    coordinates: [
        [-122.40898669999721, 37.81331899998324],
        [-122.35447369999936, 37.71980619999785],
        [-122.4798767000009, 37.815157199999845],
        [-122.40898669999721, 37.81331899998324]

const hex = h3Polyfill(polygon, 7);

CLI Usage

Usage: h3-polyfill <polygon.geojson> <resolution>


npx h3-polyfill polygon.geojson 7 > hex.geojson


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