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var hapiEasySession = require("hapi-easy-session")

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hapi-easy-session v1.0.0

An easy to use server session plugin for Hapi


A server-side session management plugin for Hapi. It is largely copied from hapi-server-session. The main difference is that hapi-server-session guards against gratuitous cache stores while hapi-easy-session use a bit less memory. To illustrate, here's a breakdown of how the plugins work:

  • hapi-server-session:
    1. Looks for a session id cookie and, if found, tries to load the session from Hapi's cache
    2. The cached session is set as the primary session and then cloned to a secondary session
    3. Before the request is served, the primary session and secondary session are compared for differences. If no difference is found, the primary session is sent and storing it to the cache is skipped. If a difference is found, then the primary session is saved to the cache
  • hapi-easy-session:
    1. Looks for a session id cookie and, if found, tries to load the session from Hapi's cache
    2. The cached session is set as the only session instance
    3. Before the request is seved, the session is stored to the cache

It's a pick your poison situation: either use hapi-server-session and incur at least twice the memory usage per session object but skip some saves to the cache, or use hapi-easy-session use a bit less memory and issue a cache store operation on every request.


$ npm install --save hapi-easy-session


'use strict';

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const server = new Hapi.Server();

  host: 'localhost',
  address: '',
  port: 8080

const sessionPluginOptions = {
  cache: { segment: 'unique-cache-sement' },
  cookie: { isSecure: false },
  key: 'super-secret-cookie-encryption-key'

  { register: require('hapi-easy-session'), options: sessionPluginOptions },
  (err) => {
    if (err) {
      throw err;

  method: 'GET',
  path: '/',
  handler: function (request, reply) {
    request.session.views = request.session.views + 1 || 1;
    reply('Views: ' + request.session.views);



  // name for the session id cookie sent to the client
  name: 'easySession',

  // the algorithm to use when encrypting the session id cookie
  algorithm: 'sha256',

  // secret key for cookie encryption, default: `undefined`
  key: 'string',

  // number of random bytes to use for session id
  size: 16,

  // time when the cookie will expire, in milliseconds
  // e.g. ` + (86400 * 1000)`
  // must set the `key` option if this is set
  expiresIn: undefined,

  cache: {
    segment: 'easySession',

    // how long entries will live in the cache (milliseconds),
    // default: 2147483647 (~24 days)
    expiresIn: 60000

  cookie: {
    isSecure: true,
    isHttpOnly: true

  // An array of regular expressions or strings to match.
  // The matches will tested against `request.url.path`. If any of the
  // matches succeed, session processing will not be performed.
  ignorePaths: [],

  // An instance of a logger that supports the Log4j interface. The plugin
  // logs everything at the `trace` level. The Pino logger is the recommended
  // logger:
  logger: {}


MIT License

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