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hashmyjs v2.0.1

A simple NodeJS JS file/code hasher.


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It's a relatively simple NodeJS program that allows you to get the base64 encoded SHA-256 hash for a JS file or the code itself that you could later on use as the integrity of a script that you would integrate to a page so it won't be flagged by CSP or else.


To install it you need to execute the following:

npm i hashmyjs

Note: Don't forget to use -g, --save, --save-dev if appropriate.


In NodeJS

const hmj = require('hashmyjs');

//Hashing from the STDIN (followed by a new line: `\RunKit, `\EOF`) or from file passed as arguments;

//Or if you want to hash code that is already present in your script:
let code = `...`;
let digest = hmj.hash(code);

In the CLI

hashmyjs -- [options] [files] #If used via an npm script


Usage: hashmyjs [options] [files...]

  A simple NodeJS JS file/code hasher.


    -V, --version          output the version number
    -f, --format [format]  Specify the format of the output (text (default), json, csv) (default: text)
    -o, --output [path]    Output to a file instead of in the STDOUT (default: stdout)
    -i, --interactive      Forces to read the input from the STDIN
    -p, --prettify         Prettify the output
    -h, --help             output usage information

Nota bene

If you use wildcard * in the CLI to get files, NodeJS will have a hard time getting the file from the right URL so it will lead in errors.


See this for more info or go to ./doc.


If you discover bugs, errors or/and have suggestions/feedback please create an issue or/and submit a PR.

If you want to contribute, make sure you stick with the coding style that ESLint is enforcing (cf. configuration file). To check if a file stick to the standards:

eslint -c ./config/.eslintrc.js yourFile.js
#Or `npm lint` if appropriate

To fix formatting errors and such, run:

./ [your js files seperated by spaces]
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