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var herokuAdeptScale = require("heroku-adept-scale")

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heroku-adept-scale v0.1.3

Manage AdeptScale automated scaling through the Heroku CLI

AdeptScale Heroku CLI Plugin


  • Install the Heroku Toolbelt if you do not already have it
  • This plugin is hosted on and can be installed with
$ heroku plugins:install heroku-adept-scale
$ heroku adept-scale -h


Expected traffic example

If you know you are about to experience a massive traffic load and you want your app to be ready with running dynos even before the traffic arrives, you could raise the min and max dyno settings ahead of time to ensure your app would scale within the new parameters. To raise your min-dynos to 10 and your max dynos to 50 you could run:

$ heroku adept-scale:settings:set -n 10 -x 50 --app APPNAME

After your event, the same command could be used to return settings to normal.




  • Clone the repo git clone
  • Change to the plugin directory cd adept_scale_plugin
  • Install the npm packages npm install
  • Link the plugin directory on install and every time you make a change heroku plugins:link
  • Run your local plugin as normal. heroku adept-scale -h

Tip: To make testing easier, try one-lining the link and the command you are developing:

$ heroku plugins:link; heroku adept-scale:settings:get --app myapp


Copyright Adept Mobile LLC 2015. All rights reserved. Read more in our License document.

This plugin was built using the standard practice defined at the Heroku Devcenter

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