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var hexoArticleEmoji = require("hexo-article-emoji")

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hexo-article-emoji v0.0.5

Emoji plugin for your hexo blog

This pulgin is for hexo, give your articles emoji support.


What is hexo-article-emoji ?

This is for the hexo static blog system to write a plugin, the function is to add emoji expression to your article support.

This plugin is through the analysis of the final HTML generated by the hexo renderer, from the <p> tag to replace the emoji syntax corresponding to the realization of the picture. So it does not only support markdown, in fact I use org-mode to write blog it is also supported.

How to install?

First, run in your blog directory:

npm install --save

After that, you need to copy the emoji picture resources to your source folder. It is source/images/emoji folder. Run in the blog directory:

hexo article-emoji install

In fact emoji pictures have two versions, light and full version. The default will only copy the light version, if you want to copy the full version:

hexo article-emoji install full

Remove the picture installed by above command, in fact, is to delete the source/images/emoji folder:

hexo article-emoji remove

How to configure?

You need to edit hexo configuration file _config.yml, find the option to change to true:

post_asset_folder: true

If you need to use the full version of emoji expression, you need to join in _config.yml

  full: true

If you need to customize emoji <img> element, you need to add in _config.yml

    display: inline
    padding: 10px

How to use?

This link contains a table, lists the emoji syntax and expression of the relationship:

For example, you write:

I fell good! :simple_smile:

:simple_smile: will be parsed into the corresponding emoji expression image, which is displayed.

Now, try to add emoji expression to your blog, then:

hexo g

Enjoy it!


This plugin refers to the following two plug-in resources:

Thanks to them.

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