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var hexoGeneratorIndex = require("hexo-generator-index")

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hexo-generator-index v2.0.0

Index generator for Hexo.


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Index generator for Hexo.

It generates an archive of posts on your homepage, according to the index or archive layout of your theme.


$ npm install hexo-generator-index --save


Add or modify the following section to your root _config.yml file

  path: ''
  per_page: 10
  order_by: -date
  pagination_dir: page
  • path: Root path for your blog's index page.
    • default: ""
  • per_page: Posts displayed per page.
    • default: config.per_page as specified in the official Hexo docs (if present), otherwise 10
    • 0 disables pagination
  • order_by: Posts order.
    • default: date descending
  • pagination_dir: URL format.
    • default: 'page'
    • awesome-page makes the URL ends with 'awesome-page/' for second page and beyond.


The sticky parameter in the post Front-matter will be used to pin the post to the top of the index page. Higher sticky means that it will be ranked first.

title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25
sticky: 100


If your theme define a non-archive index layout (e.g. About Me page), this plugin would follow that layout instead and not generate an archive. In that case, use hexo-generator-archive to generate an archive according to the archive layout.



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