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var hexoGeneratorSitemap = require("hexo-generator-sitemap")

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hexo-generator-sitemap v2.1.0

Sitemap generator plugin for Hexo


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Generate sitemap.


$ npm install hexo-generator-sitemap --save
  • Hexo 4: 2.x
  • Hexo 3: 1.x
  • Hexo 2: 0.x


You can configure this plugin in _config.yml.

  path: sitemap.xml
  template: ./sitemap_template.xml
  rel: false
  tags: true
  categories: true
  • path - Sitemap path. (Default: sitemap.xml)
  • template - Custom template path. This file will be used to generate sitemap.xml (See default template)
  • rel - Add rel-sitemap to the site's header. (Default: false)
  • tags - Add site's tags
  • categories - Add site's categories

Exclude Posts/Pages

Add sitemap: false to the post/page's front matter.

title: lorem ipsum
date: 2020-01-02
sitemap: false


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