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var hexoNextMinivaline = require("hexo-next-minivaline")

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hexo-next-minivaline v2.0.0

A MiniValine plugin for Hexo NexT theme.

Hexo Next MiniValine Version 2.0

version GPL Licence npm downloads

A MiniValine plugin for Hexo NexT theme.


Get more information about MiniValine


npm install hexo-next-minivaline@2 --save


In Hexo _config.yml:

  enable: true
  appid: zhM0AOiqle17oPoE84CoYw1e-gzGzoHsz # Your leancloud application appid
  appkey: itmzT1JbXfAjVwMqDhGPzU45 # Your leancloud application appkey
  mode: DesertsP # DesertsP or xCss
  placeholder: Write a Comment # Comment box placeholder
  math: true # Support MathJax.
  md: true # Support Markdown.
  enableQQ: false # Enable QQ avatar API.
  NoRecordIP: false # Do not record commenter IP.
  visitor: true # Article reading statistics.
  maxNest: 6 # Sub-comment maximum nesting depth.
  pageSize: 6 # Pagination size.
  adminEmailMd5: de8a7aa53d07e6b6bceb45c64027763d # The MD5 of Admin Email to show Admin Flag.[ Just Only DesertsP Style mode]
  tagMeta: # The String Array of Words to show Flag.[ Just Only xCss Style mode]
    - 管理员
    - 小伙伴
    - 访客
  master: # The MD5 String Array of master Email to show master Flag.[ Just Only xCss Style mode]
    - de8a7aa53d07e6b6bceb45c64027763d
  friends: # The MD5 String Array of friends Email to show friends Flag. [ Just Only xCss Style mode]
    - b5bd5d836c7a0091aa8473e79ed4c25e
    - adb7d1cd192658a55c0ad22a3309cecf
    - 3ce1e6c77b4910f1871106cb30dc62b0
    - cfce8dc43725cc14ffcd9fb4892d5bfc
  # MiniValine's display language depends on user's browser or system environment
  # If you want everyone visiting your site to see a uniform language, you can set a force language value
  # Available values: en  | zh-CN | (and many more)
  # More i18n info:
  # Expression Url.
  lazyload: false
  • cdn CDN of the required files. Leave it blank if you want to directly load from server side.

MiniValine FAQs




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