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var homebridgeRcswitchGpiomem2 = require("homebridge-rcswitch-gpiomem2")

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homebridge-rcswitch-gpiomem2 v1.2.2

Siri / HomeKit control of RF switches by way of homebridge. Fork of


Control RF outlets with HomeKit / Siri using rcswitch-gpiomem2


  1. Install WiringPi
  2. Install homebridge: npm install -g homebridge
  3. Install homebridge-rcswitch-gpiomem: npm install --global homebridge-rcswitch-gpiomem
  4. Update your configuration file.


See sample-config.json

Either onCode and offCode or systemcode and unitcode are required. My switches use on and off codes, so that's what I recommend and all I can really help with.

  • accessory: Must be RCSwitch (case sensitive)
  • name :: string :: What you want to call the switch. Keep in mind that Siri will prefer anything other than your homebridge switch if there's any confusion, so name it something unique
  • onCode, offCode :: int or string
    • If int: Decimal RF code to turn switch on / off
    • If string: Binary RF code to turn switch on / off
  • systemcode :: string :: RF system code. I don't use this, please refer to other docs.
  • unitcode :: int :: RF unit code. I don't use this, please refer to other docs.
  • pin :: int, optional :: BCM pin connected to 433 mhz transmitter, defaults to 17
  • pulseLength :: int, optional :: RF pulse length, defaults to 190
  • bitLength :: int, optional :: bit length of RF code, only used if using decimal RF code, defaults to 24
  • repeats :: int, optional :: Number of times to repeat the transmission of the code, defaults to 10 (as per the original rcswitch code)

FAQ / Troubleshooting

It seems that the gpiomem system I use and the SysFS method of interacting with the GPIO are not compatible for reasons explained in this issue. Make sure that you aren't also using programs that access the GPIO by way of SysFS or this library may not work.


20171003 :: 1.1.5

  • Moved enableTransmit into loop to allow different accessories to use different pins (@foodbag)

20160727 :: 1.1.3

  • Move setRepeatTransmit to just before calling switchOn() to facilitate multiple switches with different desired repeat counts

20160727 :: 1.1.2

  • Move setPulseLength from initialization to just before calling switchOn() to facilitate multiple switches with different pulse lengths (closes #2).
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