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homebridge-sesame v2.1.0

Homebridge plugin for the Sesame smart lock


npm version

Control and monitor your Sesame smart lock with HomeKit integration.


  • Installation of Homebridge
  • iOS 11 or later
  • Sesame lock with enabled cloud integration
  • Sesame Wifi Access Point


  • Automatic discovery of all connected locks
  • Lock control
  • WebHook support
  • Reports battery percentage levels
  • Alerting when battery runs low


npm install -g homebridge-sesame

Obtain an API Token

This plugin now uses v3 of the Sesame API which requires an existing API token.

To create an API token, log into the Sesame Dashboard and click on "API Settings" in the sidebar. The token you create will be used in your homebridge config file.

Using WebHooks

This plugin can respond to WebHooks sent from the Sesame API which allows locks to update in the background when a lock or unlock action occurs outside of the Home app. Please note this requires the IP address of your homebridge host to be exposed to the outside world via port forwarding, etc.

Setting up the WebHook

  • Log into the Sesame Dashboard and click on "API Settings" in the sidebar.
  • Under "Services", click the edit button next to "Webhook" and select "POST" from the dropdown.
  • Enter the publicly-accessible IP address of your homebridge server and the port used by this plugin (default: 33892). For example: http://<IP address>:33892.

When the plugin receives a WebHook request, the corresponding lock in HomeKit will update its locked state accordingly.


Example config

At a minimum, you just need to provide your API token in the token field:

  "platforms": [
      "platform": "Sesame",
      "token": "YOUR_API_TOKEN"

The plugin will discover your connected locks when homebridge is restarted.


tokenYour Sesame API token (required)
portThe port of the WebHook listener (default: 33892)
debugSet to true to enable additional debug logging (default: false)

Example config changing default values

  "platforms": [
      "platform": "Sesame",
      "token": "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
      "port": 55901,
      "debug": true


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