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var htmlValidatorCli = require("html-validator-cli")

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html-validator-cli v7.0.0

CLI for validating html using

Build Status Coverage Status js-standard-style


CLI for validating html using

Requires Node >= 8.15.3 for older versions use v5.0.0

Sends Page is validto STDOUT and exits with code 0 if page is valid.

Sends Page is not valid to STDOUT and exits with code 1 if page is not valid.

Sends Page not found to STDOUT and exits with code 1 if page is not found.


$ npm i html-validator-cli -g


$ html-validator <url>

With file

$ html-validator --file=<path-to-file>

With data

$ html-validator --data=data

Optional pass in format for returned data.

Valid options: json, html, xhtml, xml, gnu and text (default).

$ html-validator <url> --format=gnu

Optional pass in another validator.

It needs to expose the same REST interface.

$ html-validator <url> --validator=''

Optional pass in strings to ignore

$ html-validator <url> --ignore='Error: Stray end tag “div”.' --ignore='Error: Stray end tag “body”.'

Optional pass in headers

$ html-validator <url> --headers='{"foo":"doo"}'

To get full result from validator use --verbose

$ html-validator <url> --verbose

Optional, only get errors use --quiet

$ html-validator <url> --quiet

Validate a local document without setting up a tunnel

$ html-validator <local-url> --islocal

returns array of error messages

    "type": "error",
    "lastLine": 8,
    "lastColumn": 32,
    "firstColumn": 27,
    "message": "Stray end tag “div”.",
    "extract": "aaaad code</div></p>\n<",
    "hiliteStart": 10,
    "hiliteLength": 6




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