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var hubotLinda = require("hubot-linda")

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hubot-linda v0.1.0

Linda connector for Hubot

Hubot Linda

Linda connector for Hubot


Build Status


% npm i hubot-linda -save

edit external-script.json



set ENV Variables



Optional (default value is below)

% export HUBOT_LINDA_ROOM=general
% export HUBOT_LINDA_HEADER=:feelsgood:  # slack emoticon
% export NODE_ENV=production             # mute status message

on heroku: heroku config:set HUBOT_LINDA_SERVER=


  1. Write a Tuple into Linda {type: "hubot", cmd: "post", value: "hello!!"}
  2. Hubot detects the Tuple
  3. send "Hello!!" to chat
  type: "hubot",   // required
  cmd: "post",     // required
  value: "hello",   // required
  room: "#general" // optional, you can specify chat room.

for Hubot Script

hubot-linda emits linda:ready event when ready.

# Description:
#   read light sensor value with Linda
# Commands:
#   hubot sensor light

module.exports = (robot) ->

  robot.on 'linda:ready', ->

    robot.respond /sensor light/, (msg) ->

      robot.linda.tuplespace('test').read {type: "sensor", name: "light"}, (err, tuple) ->
        if err
          msg.send "linda error"
        msg.send "light : #{}"
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