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require("coffee-script/package.json"); // coffee-script is a peer dependency. // require("hubot-restrict-ip/[??]")

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hubot-restrict-ip v1.0.0

A hubot plugin registering an Express middleware for filtering who can access to http endpoints.

Hubot Restrict IP Plugin

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This plugin is an Express middleware that will permit to filter who has access to the http endpoints of your hubot bot.


In your hubot directory:

npm install hubot-restrict-ip --save

Then add hubot-restrict-ip to external-scripts.json


  • HTTP_RESTRICTED if set, protects all express endpoints by default, only the open_endpoints are reachable by everybody, and the ip_whitelist
  • HTTP_LOG_RESTRICTED if set, hubot will log (warning level) the unauthorized calls
  • HTTP_IP_WHITELIST only useful when HTTP_RESTRICTED is set
  • HTTP_IP_BLACKLIST overwrite the whitelist if HTTP_RESTRICTED is set, and blocks ips listed anyways if not
  • HTTP_OPEN_ENDPOINTS over-rules any other configuration to keep those endpoints open
  • HTTP_CLOSED_ENDPOINTS if HTTP_RESTRICTED is set and HTTP_OPEN_ENDPOINTS are contradicted by HTTP_CLOSED_ENDPOINTS, the closed one wins.
  • HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED_MESSAGE the message provided with the 401 status triggered when access is restricted by any rule.


  • The IP lists are separated by , commas, and use CIDR for range definition like IP can also be IPv6 ranges.
  • the endpoints are a list of endpoints, separated by commas too, like /hubot/help but it can also be a regexp like /.*/help


npm install

# will run make test and coffeelint
npm test 

# or
make test

# or, for watch-mode
make test-w

# or for more documentation-style output
make test-spec

# and to generate coverage
make test-cov

# and to run the lint
make lint

# run the lint and the coverage


All changes are listed in the CHANGELOG


Feel free to open a PR if you find any bug, typo, want to improve documentation, or think about a new feature.

Gandi loves Free and Open Source Software. This project is used internally at Gandi but external contributions are very welcome.


  • @mose - author and maintainer


This source code is available under MIT license.


Copyright (c) 2016 - Gandi -


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