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var humanSignals = require("human-signals")

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human-signals v2.1.0

Human-friendly process signals

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Human-friendly process signals.

This is a map of known process signals with some information about each signal.

Unlike os.constants.signals this includes:


const { signalsByName, signalsByNumber } = require('human-signals')

// {
//   name: 'SIGINT',
//   number: 2,
//   description: 'User interruption with CTRL-C',
//   supported: true,
//   action: 'terminate',
//   forced: false,
//   standard: 'ansi'
// }

// {
//   name: 'SIGFPE',
//   number: 8,
//   description: 'Floating point arithmetic error',
//   supported: true,
//   action: 'core',
//   forced: false,
//   standard: 'ansi'
// }


npm install human-signals



Type: object

Object whose keys are signal names and values are signal objects.


Type: object

Object whose keys are signal numbers and values are signal objects.


Type: object

Signal object with the following properties.


Type: string

Standard name of the signal, for example 'SIGINT'.


Type: number

Code number of the signal, for example 2. While most number are cross-platform, some are different between different OS.


Type: string

Human-friendly description for the signal, for example 'User interruption with CTRL-C'.


Type: boolean

Whether the current OS can handle this signal in Node.js using process.on(name, handler).

The list of supported signals is OS-specific.


Type: string
Enum: 'terminate', 'core', 'ignore', 'pause', 'unpause'

What is the default action for this signal when it is not handled.


Type: boolean

Whether the signal's default action cannot be prevented. This is true for SIGTERM, SIGKILL and SIGSTOP.


Type: string
Enum: 'ansi', 'posix', 'bsd', 'systemv', 'other'

Which standard defined that signal.


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