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var i18nlet = require("i18nlet")

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i18nlet v0.2.1

Internationalization library. (NodeJS, Browser)

:globe_with_meridians: i18nlet

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It is a simple internationalization library. (NodeJS, Browser)

:scroll: Releases

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the releases.

:book: Documentation

:rocket: Install

brower: script tag

Direct Download / CDN

<script src=""></script>

other release files


npm install --save i18nlet



Custom Build

You will have to clone directly from GitHub and build i18nlet yourself if you want to use the latest dev build.

git clone
npm install
npm run release


├── dist
      ├── amd.riot-i18nlet.js
      ├── amd.riot-i18nlet.min.js
      ├── cjs.riot-i18nlet.js
      ├── es.riot-i18nlet.js
      ├── iife.riot-i18nlet.js
      └── iife.riot-i18nlet.min.js

:checkered_flag: Getting started


<script src=""></script>

  var i18nlet = new I18nlet().init();
`    ja: {
      'emoji.happy': ':)',
      hello: 'こんにちは {{name}} {{emoji.happy}}',
    en: {
      'emoji.happy': ':)',
      hello: 'Hello {{name}} {{emoji.happy}}',

  var message = i18nlet.i('hello', { name: 'fkei' });
  console.log(message); // output: 'Hello fkei :)'

  var message1 = i18nlet.i('hello', { name: 'fkei' });
  console.log(message1); // output: 'こんにちは fkei :)'




$ npm run eslint


$ npm test

:copyright: License


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