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var iban = require("iban")

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iban v0.0.12

A javascript library to validate, format and convert IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number)

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IBAN and BBAN validation, formatting and conversion in Javascript. Check the demo on demo page to try it.

IBAN.js follows the ISO 13616 IBAN Registry technical specification.


IBAN.js is compatible with both commonjs and AMD module definition. It can be used as a node.js module and in the browser. It also has a bower manifest, a Typescript definition and a Meteor wrapper.

In node.js

var IBAN = require('iban');
IBAN.isValid('hello world'); // false
IBAN.isValid('BE68539007547034'); // true

In the browser

Using a module loader (AMD or commonjs) or directly through the global IBAN object:

<script src="iban.js"></script>
    // the API is now accessible from the window.IBAN global object
    IBAN.isValid('hello world'); // false
    IBAN.isValid('BE68539007547034'); // true

With TypeScript

The library is also available from the typescript language. To do this, download the definition and add a reference to this:

/// <reference path="iban.d.ts" />
IBAN.isValid('hello world');

With Meteor framework

A wrapper package for the Meteor framework is available here.


* isValid(iban)
* toBBAN(iban, separator)
* fromBBAN(countryCode, bban)
* isValidBBAN(countryCode, bban)
* printFormat(iban, separator)
* electronicFormat(iban)


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