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var igdbApiNode = require("igdb-api-node")

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igdb-api-node v5.0.0

Nodejs API Wrapper for the API

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A Node.js wrapper for the Free Video Game Database API.

!!! Updated with Twitch Authentication.

About IGDB

One of the principles behind is accessibility of data. We wish to share the data with anyone who wants to build cool videogame oriented websites, apps and services. This means that the information you contribute to can be used by other projects as well.

Thus, you are not only contributing to the value of this site but to thousands of other projects as well. We are looking forward to see what exciting game related projects you come up with. Happy coding!

More info here:

Installation and Setup

Via npm:

$ npm install igdb-api-node

In your code:


const igdb = require('igdb-api-node').default;

ES6 or later:

import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

Using your API key

  • Pass API key directly:
  • OR set a process environment variable:


This library wraps node-apicalypse and further examples can be seen here:

// Example using all methods.
const response = await igdb()
    .fields(['name', 'movies', 'age']) // fetches only the name, movies, and age fields
    .fields('name,movies,age') // same as above

    .limit(50) // limit to 50 results
    .offset(10) // offset results by 10

    .sort('name') // default sort direction is 'asc' (ascending)
    .sort('name', 'desc') // sorts by name, descending
    .search('mario') // search for a specific name (search implementations can vary)

    .where(`first_release_date > ${new Date().getTime() / 1000}`) // filter the results

    .request('/games'); // execute the query and return a response object


client.tagNumber(category, id)

igdb-api-node provides handy method for generating tag numbers when doing advanced filtering.


  • category - An integer representing the tag category (game, genre, theme)
  • id - The ID of the category entity


import igdb from 'igdb-api-node';

    category = 1, // Genre
    id = 5; // Shooter
client.tagNumber(1, 5); // 268435461

More tag number options and information are available in the IGDB API documentation.

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