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var imagemosaick = require("imagemosaick")

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imagemosaick v1.0.3

Mosaic image generation utility using ImageMagick


Image mosaic generation library using imagemagick

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npm install imagemosaick


var mosaick = require('imagemosaick')

let tilesFolder = './tileset'
let tileSize = 16
var tileset = new mosaick.Tileset(

let input = 'inputFile.png'
let output = 'outputFile.png'
let options = { }
mosaick.generate(input, output, tileset, options)
    .then(() => { console.log('Finished!') })


Mosaic generation curently supports the following options:

verboseEnable verbose stdout loggingfalse
verboseExEnable extra verbose stdout logging (VERY verbose)false
maxMosaicSizeMaximum mosaic size in # of tiles (scale source image down to fit if necessary)200
thresholdHue match threshold (0-320) - how far should the color match go?60


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