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var inky2 = require("inky2")

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inky2 v0.0.3

Inky.js rewrite and expansion


inky.js rewrite and functionality expansion

What is Inky2?

Inky2 is a module that sits above the console global class and extends its functionalities, it can also be used as a standalone object or as a complete drop-in replacement for the console.

How does it work?

Inky2 uses the widely accepted method of adding ANSI escape codes to the front and back of the data provided to generate the requested color in the requested dimension (foreground, background), this means that almost all widely used terminals will support at least 16 of colors that are available in Inky2. (see the list below)

How many colors does Inky2 support?

The current goal is for Inky2 to be able to have TrueColor support (16777216 or 16m+ colors), currently though that count is 8 colors with 42 variants.

My terminal doesnt support TrueColor what now?

Another feature we wish to include is Color Approximation, where we take the highest possible number of colors your terminal supports, and approximate the TrueColor as best we can.

How do i use Inky2?

We're glad you asked, to use Inky2 have a look at out installation guide

When can i start testing Inky2?

now!!! just run npm install inky2


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