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var instagramScraping = require("instagram-scraping")

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instagram-scraping v1.0.13

NPM module for loading media by hashtag without instagram API


license npm downloads

NodeJS module for loading posts from Instagram by hashtag without API access by means of scraping.


Instagram has gone to great lengths to prevent scraping and other unauthorized access to their public content. This module is dependant on the markup the public-facing Should that change this module might also stop working as intended. It also only loads the 12 posts that are displayed on first-load without following pagination to load more images. You should take this into consideration when deciding whether this module will work for you.


npm install instagram-scraping


There are some limitation of loading instagram data, but enjoy it. i hope it's will help you.

Tag Scraping Media

var ig = require('instagram-scraping');

ig.scrapeTag('veranda').then(result => {

Example response:

    "total": 54,
    "medias": [
    "media_id": "1684684359967334824",
    "text": "Selamat siang komuni!🙋 Sportakular hadir lagi untuk mengawali 2018 kita ini dengan penuh semangat dan kebersamaan, berikut jadwal-jadwalnya : sportakular Voly Kamis,4 Januari 2018 18.00 sd selesai Lap.telkom pinggir monumen Sportakular Futsal Jumat , 5 Januari 2018 17.30-20.00 Lap. Meteor Sportakular Badminton Sabtu,6 Januari2018 19.00-21.00 Lap.Pdam (pinggir ITB) Dicatet ya setiap jadwal kegiatannya, biar tidak terlewatkan karena sayang banget untuk dilewatkan. 😉 dan untuk cabang olahraga lain bakalan mimin share lagi so stay tuned dan selalu ingat: 'Berpartisipasi = Auto Kece😎😎' salam olahraga! #himaik #Ikberaniberkarya #salamsatuik #menujuIKsehat #unikom #sportakular",
    "comment_count": {
    "count": 0
    "like_count": {
    "count": 10
    "display_url": "",
    "owner_id": "1648294943",
    "date": 1515050047,
    "thumbnail": "",
    "thumbnail_resource": [
        "src": "",
        "config_width": 150,
        "config_height": 150
        "src": "",
        "config_width": 240,
        "config_height": 240

Deep Tag Scraping

ig.deepScrapeTagPage('veranda').then(result => {

Scrape User Page

// using username for scraping
ig.scrapeUserPage('jscmila').then(result => {
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