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require("inversify/package.json"); // inversify is a peer dependency. var inversifyToken = require("inversify-token")

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inversify-token v5.1.0

Token-based injection for InversifyJS


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Author: Matthew Scharley
Contributors: See contributors on GitHub
Bugs/Support: Github Issues
Copyright: 2018
License: MIT license
Status: Active


This library provides simpler, more type-safe options for injecting values using Inversify.


$ npm i inversify-token


Modified from the InversifyJS readme.

// Declare your interfaces as normal.

// file types.ts
import { Token, TokenType } from "inversify-token";
import { Warrior, Weapon, ThrowableWeapon } from "./interfaces"

const WarriorToken = new Token<Warrior>(Symbol.for("Warrior"));
type WarriorToken = TokenType<typeof WarriorToken>;
const WeaponToken = new Token<Weapon>(Symbol.for("Weapon"));
type WeaponToken = TokenType<typeof WeaponToken>;
const ThrowableWeaponToken = new Token<ThrowableWeapon>(Symbol.for("ThrowableWeapon"));
type ThrowableWeaponToken = TokenType<typeof ThrowableWeaponToken>;

export {
    WarriorToken as Warrior,
    WeaponToken as Weapon,
    ThrowableWeaponToken as ThrowableWeapon,

// file entities.ts
import { injectable } from "inversify";
import { injectToken } from "inversify-token";
import * as TYPES from "./types";

class Ninja implements Warrior {

    public constructor(
        @injectToken(TYPES.Weapon) private _katana: TYPES.Weapon,
        @injectToken(TYPES.ThrowableWeapon) private _shuriken: TYPES.ThrowableWeapon,
    ) { }

    public fight() { return this._katana.hit(); }
    public sneak() { return this._shuriken.throw(); }


// file inversify.config.ts
import { getToken, tokenBinder } from "inversify-token";

const myContainer = new Container();
const bindToken = tokenBinder(myContainer.bind.bind(myContainer));
const warrior = getToken(container, TYPES.Warrior);

// file inversify.module.ts
import { getToken, TokenContainerModule } from "inversify-token";

const myContainer = new Container();
const module = new TokenContainerModule((bindToken) => {
const warrior = getToken(container, TYPES.Warrior);
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