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var invisionDsmUtils = require("invision-dsm-utils")

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invision-dsm-utils v1.0.3

Utilities to integrate InVision DSM with front-end codebase.


Utility scripts to help integrate InVision Design System Manager (DSM) into your front-end codebase.

You will need to be an InVision DSM customer to get value out of this library



npm install --dev invision-dsm-utils



You must set two variables in a configuration file that follows the cosmicconfig pattern (e.g. a package.json property, an extensionless "rc file", etc.)


    dsmExportUrl: <url>,
    key: <string>

Find these values by:

  • Log into InVision DSM
  • Select your project
  • In the top right corner select the icon </>
  • Select Design tokens
  • Select CSS
  • Copy the URL displayed underneath the Styles heading and paste it into a text editor. For instance:
  • The dsmExportUrl is
  • The key is the url query parameter value Hk4MnZ1bU


This is a node script that accepts inputs from the command line.

invision-dsm-utils download <type> <outDir> [options]


type: css | scss | less | styl | xml | json | yaml | android | ios
outDir: relative path to output directory

Optional Inputs

--icons-out-dir: relative path to output directory
--json-export-format: lookup | list

Note that json-export-format is only relevant when type is json. The default value is lookup.

Setting the --icons-out-dir will download a zip file of icons from the DSM.


This is a node script that accepts inputs from the command line.

invision-dsm-utils transform <inFile> <outFile>


inFile: relative path to input to design tokens in JSON lookup format
outFile: relative path to JS file 

The outfile can be used as a theme object for any library that supports the Styled System Theme Specification (e.g. styled-system).


View the examples folder.




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