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var ipfsPubsubRoom = require("ipfs-pubsub-room")

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ipfs-pubsub-room v1.4.1

IPFS pub-sub room


made by Protocol Labs Freenode

Build Status

Creates a room based on an IPFS pub-sub channel. Emits membership events, listens for messages, broadcast and direct messeges to peers.

(Demo video)


This package has been tested with js-ipfs version 0.34.4.


$ npm install ipfs-pubsub-room


const Room = require('ipfs-pubsub-room')
const IPFS = require('ipfs')
const ipfs = new IPFS({
    pubsub: true
  config: {
    Addresses: {
      Swarm: [

// IPFS node is ready, so we can start using ipfs-pubsub-room
ipfs.on('ready', () => {
  const room = Room(ipfs, 'room-name')

  room.on('peer joined', (peer) => {
    console.log('Peer joined the room', peer)

  room.on('peer left', (peer) => {
    console.log('Peer left...', peer)

  // now started to listen to room
  room.on('subscribed', () => {
    console.log('Now connected!')


Room (ipfs:IPFS, roomName:string, options:object)

  • ipfs: IPFS object. Must have pubsub activated
  • roomName: string, global identifier for the room
  • options: object:
    • pollInterval: interval for polling the pubsub peers, in ms. Defaults to 1000.
const room = Room(ipfs, 'some-room-name')


Broacasts message (string or buffer).

room.sendTo(peer, message)

Sends message (string or buffer) to peer.

async room.leave()

Leaves room, stopping everything.


Returns an array of peer identifiers (strings).


Returns a boolean indicating if the given peer is present in the room.

room.on('message', (message) => {})

Listens for messages. A message is an object containing the following properties:

  • from (string): peer id
  • data (Buffer): message content

room.on('peer joined', (peer) => {})

Once a peer has joined the room.

room.on('peer left', (peer) => {})

Once a peer has left the room.

room.on('subscribed',() => {})

Once your program has subscribed the topic and announced through IPFS pubsub.



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