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var ipfsSwarmBindShim = require("ipfs-swarm-bind-shim")

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ipfs-swarm-bind-shim v0.1.0

A poor mans shim for a missing swarm.bind command


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A poor mans shim for a missing swarm.bind command

Stay connected to a minimum number of peers. Periodically checks for connectivity and if not connected to the minimum it'll (re)connect.

⚠️ No tests yet! Might not even work!


npm install ipfs-swarm-bind-shim


const swarmBind = require('ipfs-swarm-bind-shim')


// addresses of peers we want to stay connected to
// n.b. must include peer ID!
const addrs = [

const cancel = await swarmBind(ipfs, addrs, {
  minConnections: 1, // minimum number of peers from the list this node should be connected to (default addrs.length)
  checkInterval: 1000 * 60 // (ms) time between connectivity checks

// ipfs will now be connected to minConnections peers
// and will monitor and re-connect.

// later...

cancel() // unbind (stop checking and connecting)


Feel free to dive in! Open an issue or submit PRs.


MIT © Alan Shaw


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