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var itPair = require("it-pair")

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it-pair v1.0.0

pair a source async iterable stream and a sink async iterable stream


A pair of {source, sink} streams that are internally connected, (what goes into the sink comes out the source)

This can be used to construct pipelines that are connected.

var pipe = require('it-pipe')
var pair = require('it-pair')

var p = pair()

//read values into this sink...
pipe([1, 2, 3], p.sink)

//but that should become the source over here.
const values = await pipe(p.source, async source => {
  const values = []
  for await (const value of source) {
  return value

console.log(values) //[1, 2, 3]

This is particularly useful for creating duplex streams especially around servers. Use pull-pair/duplex to get two duplex streams that are attached to each other.

var DuplexPair = require('pull-pair/duplex')

var d = DuplexPair()

//the "client": pipe to the first duplex and get the response.
  source => {
    for await (value of source) {
      console.log(value) // => 10, 20, 30

//the "server": pipe from the second stream back to itself
//(in this case) appling a transformation.
  source => (async function * () {
    for await (const e of source) {
      yield e*10



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