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itoolkit v1.0.0

XMLSERVICE wrapper to access to all things IBM i

Node.js itoolkit

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itoolkit is a Node.js interface to XMLSERVICE to access all things IBM i.

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XMLSERVICE provides interfaces to interact with IBM i resources such as programs and commands. XMLSERVICE receives xml input and returns xml output.

For example run a CL command by sending the following XML input to XMLSERVICE.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <cmd exec="rexx">RTVJOBA USRLIBL(?) SYSLIBL(?)</cmd>

XMLSERVICE will run the command and respond with XML output.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <cmd exec="rexx">
      <success>+++ success RTVJOBA USRLIBL(?) SYSLIBL(?)</success>
         <data desc="USRLIBL">QGPL  QTEMP</data>
         <data desc="SYSLIBL">QSYS  QSYS2  QHLPSYS  QUSRSYS</data>

itoolkit can run the same CL command with:

const { Connection, CommandCall } = require('itoolkit');
const { parseString } = require('xml2js');

const connection = new Connection({
  transport: 'ssh',
  transportOptions: { host: 'myhost', username: 'myuser', password: 'mypassword' },

const command = new CommandCall({ type: 'cl', command: 'RTVJOBA USRLIBL(?) SYSLIBL(?)' });

connection.add(command);, xmlOutput) => {
  if (error) {
    throw error;
  parseString(xmlOutput, (parseError, result) => {
    if (parseError) {
      throw parseError;

The purpose of this package is to simplify the process of creating XMLSERVICE input, invoking XMLSERVICE, and returning XMLSERVICE output from Node.js.


$ npm install itoolkit



Please read the docs.


Refer to the README.


Please read the contribution guidelines.



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