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var jqueryQuerybuilder = require("jQuery-QueryBuilder")

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jQuery-QueryBuilder v2.5.2

jQuery plugin for user friendly query/filter creator

jQuery QueryBuilder

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jQuery plugin offering an simple interface to create complex queries.





Download the latest release

With Bower

$ bower install jQuery-QueryBuilder

With npm

$ npm install jQuery-QueryBuilder


jQuery-QueryBuilder is available on jsDelivr.


($.extendext and doT.js are directly included in the standalone file)

Browser support

  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • All other recent browsers



  • NodeJS + NPM: apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm
  • Grunt CLI: npm install -g grunt-cli


Install Node and Bower dependencies npm install then run grunt in the root directory to generate production files inside dist.


You can choose which plugins to include with --plugins :

# include "sql-support" and "mongodb-support" plugins
grunt --plugins=sql-support,mongodb-support

# disable all plugins
grunt --plugins=false

All plugins are included by default.

You can also include language files with --languages :

# include French & Italian translation
grunt --languages=fr,it

Other commands

  • grunt test to run jshint/jscs/scsslint and the QUnit test suite.
  • grunt serve to open the example page with automatic build and livereload.
  • grunt doc to generate the documentation.


This library is available under the MIT license.

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