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var jbusCommonUtil = require("jbus-common-util")

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jbus-common-util v0.0.3

Low-level JavaScript helper functions for Encapsule/jbus-* modules.




jbus-common-util contains a small collection of low-level JavaScript helper functions leveraged by the Encapsule/jbus-* modules.


None for this library alone: it's frankly quite trivial.


jbus-common and all of its jbus-* dependencies are licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL). Please consult the included LICENSE file for details.


Runtime Install

To leverage the functions exported by jbus-common-util in your own Node.js project, install the package from npm and add it to your package.json's dependendencies section.

    npm install jbus-common-util --save

Package Build


All JBUS modules presume per-user, or per-machine installations of the following runtimes and tools:

  • Node.js v4.1+
  • Grunt
  • Mocha

To build jbus-common-util from source code, clone the git repository, install the packages development dependencies, and then invoke the package's build script:

    git clone
    cd jbus-common-util
    npm install

The build writes the JavaScript files in the ./lib directory. And, leverages webpack and uglify to update the package's ./index.js.

If you make no source changes, rebuilding the repo and checking git status should reveal that the build is idempotent.


To leverage jbus-common-util in your Node.js project:

var jbus={}; jbus.common={}; jbus.common.util = require('jbus-common-util');
console.log("The current Epoch time is " + jbus.common.util.getEpochTime() + " seconds.");


Informational object containing package name, version, author, and license string properties.


var newCopy = jbus.common.util.deepCopy(existingResource);

Performs a deep copy of the memory resource referenced by required in-parameter.


Alias for jbus.common.util.deepCopy.


var keys = jbus.common.util.dictionaryLength(reference);

Shorthand for Object.keys(reference).length


var epochtime = jbus.common.util.getEpochTime();

Returns current Epoch time as an integer with unit seconds.

========================================================================== Copyright (C) 2015, Bellevue WA USA

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