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require("jest/package.json"); // jest is a peer dependency. var jestWatchExec = require("jest-watch-exec")

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jest-watch-exec v1.4.1

Execute script when test passes in watch mode


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Execute commands on start or when the all tests pass.

Requires jest@23+.


To use jest-watch-exec, add it to the watchPlugins section of the Jest configuration:

  "jest": {
    "watchPlugins": [
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start": "npm run build" }],
      // Will run test even if the script throws an error.
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start": "npm run build", "on-start-ignore-error": true }],
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start-script": "somescript.js" }],
      // Will run test even if the script throws an error.
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start-script": "somescript.js", "on-start-ignore-error": true }],
      // Will run the `run(): boolean | Promise<boolean>` method exposed by the module
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start-module": "modulescript.js" }],
      // Will run test even if the script returns:
      // - a falsy value,
      // a promise resolves to false,
      // or a rejected promise.
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-start-module": "modulescript.js", "on-start-ignore-error": true }],
      // execute script when there are passing tests.
      // will not execute if the tests are filtered.
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-pass": "npm run build" }],
      // 'exec-while-filtered' applies to 'on-pass'
      ["jest-watch-exec", { "on-pass": "npm run build", "exec-while-filtered": true }]


# after fork and clone
npm install

# begin making changes
git checkout -b <branch>
npm run watch

# after making change(s)
git commit -m "<commit message>"
git push

# create PR
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