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jmessenger v0.0.3

A tiny Javascript library to handle messages that carry a payload


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JMessenger is no longer maintained. Please, use @mobilabs/messenger now.

JMessenger is a tiny Javascript library to handle messages that carry a payload. It is designed to be embedded in another library.

Quick Startup

// Creates the messenger object:
var mess = Messenger('mycustomevent');

// Listens for an event:
mess.on('mycustomevent', function(payload) {
  console.log('fired mycustomevent: ' + payload);

// Fires an event:'mycustomevent', 'this is the payload for mycustomevent');


Static methods

JMessenger provides a set of static methods. You can use by typing:

Static MethodsDescription
noConflictreturns the JMessenger variable to its previous owner,

Create a JMessenger object:

JMessenger('messagename')creates the JMessenger object that handles 'messagename' messages,


addEventsadds events/messages,
addEventListeneradds an event listener,
removeEventListenerremoves an event listener,
firefires an event/message,
onalias on addEventListener,
offalias on removeEventListener,
triggeralias on fire,



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