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var jsonQueryChain = require("json-query-chain")

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json-query-chain v1.1.3

Chain queries onto POJOs to return precise results.


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Chain queries onto POJOs to return precise results.


import Query from 'json-query-chain';

let myQ = new Query(someJsonData)
.search('isActiveUser', true)

Chainable Methods


Currently supports booleans and strings. (See #1 for Integer Support)

By Boolean
.search('isActiveUser', true)
By String
.search('name', 'steele')


Simpler version of search using a custom function in the chain.

.filter(a => a.age >= 21)
By Key
.filterBy('age', x => x >= 21)


By Boolean
.sort('isActiveUser', true)
By String
By Number


Page 1 with 5 results per page.

.paginate(1, 5)

Page 2 wtih default of 10 results per page.



npm test runs tests through Jest

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