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var jsonStringify = require("json-stringify")

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json-stringify v1.0.0

Enhanced JSON.stringify

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Like JSON.stringify, but enhanced, supports:

  • offset for better typo when substituting the stringified json string.
  • handle circular object, and doesn't blow up on circular refs.


$ npm install json-stringify --save


var stringify = require('json-stringify');
var array = [1, '2'];

stringify(array, null, 2, {
  offset: 4

You will get


We might encounter

So, if we have an template

  "foo": <bar>,
  "foo2": <bar2>

And there's an object obj

var bar = stringify({
  bee: 'boo'
}, null, 2, {
  offset: 2

var bar2 = JSON.stringify({
  bee: 'boo'
}, null, 2);

var obj = {
  bar: bar,
  bar2: bar2

And the renderered result is:

  "foo": {
    "bee": "boo" // well formatted
  "foo2": {
  "bee": "boo" // a little ugly

You must found the difference.

Circular Object

var circular = {};
circular.circular = circular;

var stringify = require('json-stringify');
console.log(stringify(circular, null, 2));


  "circular": "[Circular ~]"

stringify(obj, replacer, indent, [options])

The first three arguments are the same as to JSON.stringify.

  • options.offset defines the offset which described above
  • options.decycler the decycler method of json-stringify-safe

The default decycler function returns the string '[Circular]'. If, for example, you pass in function(k,v){} (return nothing) then it will prune cycles. If you pass in function(k,v){ return {foo: 'bar'}}, then cyclical objects will always be represented as {"foo":"bar"} in the result.




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