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require("karma/package.json"); // karma is a peer dependency. var karmaSonarqubeUnitReporter = require("karma-sonarqube-unit-reporter")

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karma-sonarqube-unit-reporter v0.0.18

A Karma plugin. Report results in sonar-unit-tests xml format.


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'use strict';

var path = require('path');
var conf = require('./gulp/conf');

var _ = require('lodash');
var wiredep = require('wiredep');

var pathSrcHtml = [
  path.join(conf.paths.src, '/**/*.html'),
  path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/**/*.html')

function listFiles() {
  var wiredepOptions = _.extend({}, conf.wiredep, {
    dependencies: true,
    devDependencies: true

  return wiredep(wiredepOptions).js
      path.join(conf.paths.src, '/app/**/*.module.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src, '/app/**/*.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src, '/**/*.spec.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src, '/**/*.mock.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/app/**/*.module.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/app/**/*.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/**/*.spec.js'),
      path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/**/*.mock.js')

module.exports = function(config) {

  var configuration = {
    files: listFiles(),

    singleRun: true,
    colors:    false,

    autoWatch: false,

    ngHtml2JsPreprocessor: {
      stripPrefix: conf.paths.src + '/',

    logLevel: 'WARN',

    frameworks: ['jasmine', 'angular-filesort'],

    angularFilesort: {
      whitelist: [path.join(conf.paths.src, '/**/!(*.html|*.spec|*.mock).js'), path.join(conf.paths.src_test, '/**/!(*.html|*.spec|*.mock).js')]

    browsers: ['PhantomJS'],

    sonarQubeUnitReporter: {
      sonarQubeVersion: 'LATEST',
      outputFile: 'reports/ut_report.xml',
      useBrowserName: false

    plugins: [

    coverageReporter: {
      type : 'lcov',
      dir : 'reports',
      subdir : 'coverage'

    reporters: ['progress', 'sonarqubeUnit', 'coverage'],
    preprocessors: {
      'src/**/*.js':   ['coverage'],
      'test/**/*.js':   ['coverage']


By default, the description of the jasmine tests used as the path attribute in the generated xml. If this is not the case with your tests, you can use the following options to automagically find the right path values. It is the recommended way to use this plugin but to be backward compatible it is not enabled by default.

sonarQubeUnitReporter: {
      sonarQubeVersion: 'LATEST',
      outputFile: 'reports/ut_report.xml',
      overrideTestDescription: true,
      testPaths: ['./test', './moreTests'],
      testFilePattern: '.spec.js',
      useBrowserName: false
How to build
  • NodeJS 8.0.0
  • npm install
  • npm build
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