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var keyframesCli = require("keyframes-cli")

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keyframes-cli v1.0.0

Keyframes Exporter CLI

Keyframes After Effects Scripts

How to enable scripts to read/write files/internet

By default scripts are not allowed to write files or send or receive communication over a network. To allow scripts to write files and communicate over a network, choose Edit > Preferences > General (Windows) or After Effects > Preferences > General (Mac OS), and select the Allow Scripts To Write Files And Access Network option.

Export the current After Effects comp to FB Keyframes Animation Descriptor JSON document.

Requires "Allow Scripts To Write Files And Access Network"

There are two options for exporting, a command line tool and an After Effects plugin.

1. Command Line Interface

How to install

  1. Under this folder run npm install . -g

How to run

  1. Open an After Effects project
  2. Open the comp you want to export
  3. Run keyframes-cli in terminal

A file named ${COMP_NAME}.kf.json should show up under the same folder

2. After Effects Plugin

How to install

  1. Quit After Effects
  2. Move all the files under this folder into your AE Scripts folder e.g. /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Scripts/Keyframes on macOS
  3. Launch After Effects
  4. Open an After Effects project
  5. Menu item: File / Scripts / Keyframes_Exporter.jsx
    The exporter palette window will open
  6. Press Export

You can keep the palette window open and press Export multiple times.

How to run

  1. Open an After Effects project
  2. Open the comp you want to export
  3. Menu item: File / Scripts / Run Script File…
  4. Choose Keyframes_Exporter.jsx The exporter palette window will open
  5. Press Export

You'll see a bunch of progress messages. Eventually the folder with the exported JSON will open. You'll see three new files:

  • Project.aep.comp-###-Comp Name.kf.json FB Keyframes compatible animation descriptor.

  • Project.aep.comp-###-Comp Name.json Raw JSON description.

  • Project.aep.comp-###-Comp Name.log Export progress messages and warnings with timestamps. Check this file for warnings about incompatible features. Also useful for diagnosing performance issues.


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