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var khepriParse = require("khepri-parse")

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khepri-parse v2.8.1

Khepri language lexer and parser


Parser and lexer for the Khepri programming language.

A library of Bennu parsers.


The main high level library interface is the lex and parse functions:

    import 'khepri-parse::lex::lexer' {lex},
    import 'khepri-parse::parse::parser' {parseStream}
    // `lex` takes a character array and produces a token Nu stream.
    // `parseStream` takes a lazy stream of tokens and outputs an AST.
    "\x -> x;"
        |> lex
        |> parseStream;

Individual Bennu parses may also be consumed:

    import 'khepri-parse::lex::number_lexer' {numericLiteral},
    import 'bennu::parse' {many run}
    var program := many numericLiteral;
    run(program, "1 2e3 3.03");


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