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var kinesisWriteStream = require("kinesis-write-stream")

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kinesis-write-stream v1.1.1

Kinesis writable stream that buffers up records


Kinesis writable stream that buffers up records

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Records written to the stream will buffer up until highWaterMark has been reached, or the stream is closed, before writing to Kinesis using putRecords.

Failed items

Failed items will be retried up until options.maxRetries has been reached. The initial timeout before the retry is set in options.retryTimeout and it increases by the fibonnaci sequence.

Partition key

The partition key is by default a random number, but this can be adjusted by overriding streamInstance.getPartitionKey(record).


Its also possible to send in the option flushTimeout to indicate that the items currently in the buffer should be flushed after the given amount of milliseconds if the highWaterMark haven't been reached.


A bunyan, winston or similar logger instance that have methods like debug, error and info may be sent in as options.logger to the constructor.


var KinesisWritable = require('kinesis-write-stream');

var stream = new KinesisWritable(kinesisClient, 'streamName', {
  highWaterMark: 16,
  maxRetries: 3,
  retryTimeout: 100






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