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var kubelive = require("kubelive")

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kubelive v1.5.0

Kubernetes command line tool to provide live data about the cluster and it's resources


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kubectl tool reinvented to be more reactive and interactive



I felt that the output from kubectl get pod -w is very cluttered and it is a pain in my ass to understand which pod is running, which pod is exactly terminating so I built kubelive which updates the status of the pods in realtime without cluttering the terminal


  • node v10 or higher


npm install -g kubelive

Available commands

  • List the pods in the cluster
kubelive get pods
  • List the services in the cluster
kubelive get services
  • List the replication controllers in the cluster
kubelive get replicationcontrollers
  • List the nodes in the cluster
kubelive get nodes
  • List resources from a different context
kubelive get <resource> --context <name>
  • List the pods in the cluster in a jiffy
  • Get help on all available commands
kubelive help
  • Get the current kubelive version
kubelive --version

Kubelive also supports short names for resources similar to kubectl, the below command will list services

kubectl get svc


  • You can use the :arrow_left: and :arrow_right: keys to switch between available namespaces

  • You can use the :arrow_up: and :arrow_down: keys to select a pod

  • You can press the D key to delete the selected pod

  • You can press the C key to copy the name of the selected pod

  • You can press the Q key to quit the app

What others say

twitter-2 twitter-1


  • [x] Add support for pods
  • [x] Add support por nodes, services, replication controllers
  • [ ] Add support for ingress, deployments, replica sets
  • [ ] Show live logs from pods
  • [ ] Shell into a running pod
  • [ ] Add support for filter by name flag
  • [ ] Add support for refresh rate flag

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MIT © Ameer Jhan


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