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var kuler = require("kuler")

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kuler v2.0.0

Color your terminal using CSS/hex color codes


Kuler is small and nifty node module that allows you to create terminal based colors using hex color codes, just like you're used to doing in your CSS. We're in a modern world now and terminals support more than 16 colors so we are stupid to not take advantage of this.


The package is released in the public npm registry and can be installed by running:

npm install --save kuler


To color a string simply pass it the string you want to have colored as first argument and the color as hex as second argument:

'use strict';

const kuler = require('kuler');
const str = kuler('foo', '#FF6600');

The color code sequence is automatically terminated at the end of the string so the colors do no bleed to other pieces of text. So doing:

console.log(kuler('red', '#F00'), 'normal');

Will work without any issues.



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