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var lass = require("lass")

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lass v2.1.0

Lass scaffolds a modern package boilerplate for Node.js


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Lass scaffolds a modern package boilerplate for Node.js
A lass that fell in love with a lad • Built by @niftylettuce and contributors

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Table of Contents


  • Unit testing with ava
  • Commit linting with commitlint
  • Linting with xo (uses eslint and prettier)
  • Markdown Linting with remark
  • Automatic code formatting with prettier
  • Automatic git init
  • Automatic npm install (or yarn install if selected)
  • Automatic builds, tests, and code coverage uploading to Codecov with Travis-CI
  • Includes git/editor configurations:
  • Automatic markdown formatting and linting with remark
  • Highly configurable and remembers your defaults with sao
  • Test coverage with nyc
  • Automatically generated files with tailored defaults
    • Readme with badges through
    • Choose from (343) different licenses with spdx-license-list (defaults to your npm default or MIT)
    • Automatically inserts license year/name/email/website for MIT license if selected


Node.js v7.6.0+



npm install -g lass


yarn global add lass


Create a package

lass new-package
cd new-package

Test it


npm test


yarn test



You should configure npm init defaults before using this package.

Run the following commands and replace the values below with your own:

npm config set init-author-email ""
npm config set init-author-name "Nick Baugh"
npm config set init-author-url ""
npm config set init-license "MIT"
npm config set init-version "0.0.0"

These defaults get utilized by lass when scaffolding a package and npm init in general.

To check your existing configuration, run npm config list -l.

Version Bump and Release

We highly recommend to use the tools np and release to version bump and release your package to GitHub and NPM.



Nick Baugh
Pablo Varela
Shaun Warman

Trademark Notice

Lass, Lad, Cabin, Lipo, and their respective logos are trademarks of Niftylettuce LLC. These trademarks may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Niftylettuce LLC. If you are seeking permission to use these trademarks, then please contact us.


MIT © Nick Baugh



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