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var lawgs = require("lawgs")

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lawgs v1.0.4

AWS CloudWatch Logs made easy

logo Lawgs

Nodejs logging to CloudWatch Logs made easy


  • Creates Log Groups automatically
  • Creates Log Streams automatically
  • Periodic upload
  • Automatic log batching
  • JSON logging support
  • logger instances are shared across modules

Get it

npm install lawgs

How to use it

The only required configurations are the AWS configurations.

var lawgs = require('./index');

    aws: {
        accessKeyId: '********', /* Optional if credentials are set in ~/.aws/credentials */
        secretAccessKey: '******', /* Optional */
        region: 'us-east-1' /* Required */

If you are using roles, you will need the following roles:

  • logs:DescribeLogGroups
  • logs:DescribeLogStreams
  • logs:CreateLogGroup
  • logs:CreateLogStream
  • logs:PutLogEvents

Simply create your logger and you are ready to go.

var logger  = lawgs.getOrCreate('SuperbowlLogs'); /* LogGroup */
logger.log('touchdown', { team: 'Patriots', weight: 7 });


See example.js for a full working example.

Running the example, you get the following output:

Disposed subscription
SuperbowlLogs >> uploadQueuedLogs triggered with  2  logs
Checking if log group exists: SuperbowlLogs
Creating log group: SuperbowlLogs
Checking if log stream exists: error
Checking if log stream exists: touchdown
Creating log stream: error
Creating log stream: touchdown
Uploading logs
Uploading logs
Logs uploaded
Logs uploaded


  • S3 logs archiving


Feel free to open issues and open pull requests.

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