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var libhdate = require("libhdate")

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libhdate v0.3.2

A pure Javascript implementation of libhdate


A pure javascript (partial) implementation of libhdate

NPM Version


npm install libhdate

Basic Usage

// import this module
var Hdate = require("libhdate");

// create a new Hdate object
var h = new Hdate();

// Set the Date
h.setGdate(16, 5, 2015);

// Printout

// get holydays
var holyday = h.getHolyday(h);
var omer = h.getOmerDay(h);

// get parasha for next shabbat
var reading = h.getShabbatsParasha(h);

// get times
var latitude = 32.07;
var longitude = 34.77;
var timeZone = 3 * 60;
var times = h.getSunTimeFull(h, latitude, longitude);

// adjust time zone
var timeStrings = times.slice(1).map(function (t) {
t += timeZone;
return "" + Math.floor(t / 60) + ":" + (t % 60);


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