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var lngzl = require("lngzl")

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lngzl v1.0.0

The official Node.js wrapper for the LNGZL { API }


This is a family of APIs that I made for numerous usage cases, for example the email validator will valiate email addresses for the project.

For the full list, head over to I'll try my best to always update this library when I change things over at the API itself.


It currently supports almost all public APIs that I've made, excluding the ua one since it will always return the same useragent so I felt like it wasn't needed.

  • statistics (filecoffee)
  • Email validator (mailcheck)
  • Minecraft server status (mcserver), ratelimited to 30 requests a minute.
  • Random one liner (oneliner)

First install the package by running npm i lngzl

Top Code

const lngzl = require('lngzl')


lngzl.filecoffee(r => {
    // Returns the statistics, they update once a minute.


lngzl.mailcheck('', r => {
    // Verifies if the email address is valid according to the RFC 5322 Official Standard


lngzl.mcserver('', r => {
    // Will return success: false when you get ratelimited
    // You don't need to enter an port if your IP ends on 25565 as it will add it automatically.


lngzl.oneliner(r => {
    // Returns a random one liner


  • [ ] Fix the MOTD for servers that run on bungeecord, for example doesn't work properly (on the end of the API)
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