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lodash-deep v2.0.0

Lodash mixins for (deep) object accessing / manipulation.


Lodash mixins for (deep) object accessing / manipulation.

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Version 2.x

In 2.0 most of the methods of this module where removed, because Lodash now supports their functionality natively. E.g.:

_.deepGet(object, '');
// ->
_.get(object, '');

_.deepPluck(array, '');
// ->, '');


lodash-deep is currently compatible with:

  • Node.js
  • All ES5 compatible browsers (IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)



  1. bower install lodash-deep
  2. Reference lodash-deep.min.js after lodash.min.js


  1. npm install lodash
  2. npm install lodash-deep
    var _ = require("lodash");


The following mixins are included in lodash-deep:

_.deepMapValues(object, propertyPath)

Maps all values in an object tree and returns a new object with the same structure as the original.


Type: Object

The root object of the object tree.


Type: Function

The function to be called per iteration on any non-object value in the tree.

Callback is invoked with 2 arguments: (value, path).

value the value of the current property.

path the path of the current property.


Type: Object

var object = {
    level1: {
        value: 'value 1'
        level2: {
            value: 'value 2'
            level3: {
                value: 'value 3'

_.deepMapValues(object, function(value, path){
    return path + ' is ' + value)

/** ->
 *    {
 *        level1: {
 *            value: 'level1.value is value 1'
 *            level2: {
 *                value: 'level1.level2.value is value 2'
 *                level3: {
 *                    value: 'level1.level2.level3.value is value 3'
 *                }
 *            }
 *        }
 *    };


Please use the canary branch when creating a pull request.


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