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var loge = require("loge")

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loge v1.0.5

Singleton logging with levels


latest version published to npm

My very own Node.js logging library! Crazy that no one else thought of this first!

npm install --save loge

Basic use

The singleton Logger instance defaults to writing to process.stderr.

import {logger, Level} from 'loge'

logger.level = Level.error
logger.warning('You should probably get a doctor to look at that.')
// (nothing)
logger.critical('OMG your face I you what no really just does it hurt?')
// [critical] OMG your face I you what no really just does it hurt?

Alternatively, write to process.stdout:

import {Logger, Level} from 'loge'

const logger = new Logger(process.stdout,


Loge's calls Node's util.format (but only when the called method's level is greater than or equal to the logger's level), so the following interpolation variables are available:

  • %s - String
  • %d - Number (integer / float)
  • %j - JSON (JSON.stringify() called without replacer or indentation

Use %% for an escaped percent sign


import {Level} from 'loge'

// 0
// 10
// 20
// 30
// 40
// 50


Copyright © 2014-2015 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.

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